5 Ways To Stay Cool Without Blasting The AC

Everyone wants to stay cool during the hot summer months. However, excessive AC use can result in hefty electricity bills. According to plumbing service in Bowling Green experts, there are certainly a ton of clever tricks that can keep you cool without an air conditioner.

On the other hand, if your first concern is a high electricity cost, you might consider innovative cooling options like a smart thermostat or a smart AC controller for mini-split, windows, or portable air conditioners. According to plumbing repair in Bowling Green experts, these controllers are excellent for the environment and help reduce cooling costs. 

1. Tips to Stay Cool Without Running The Air Conditioning.

Keep Your Curtains and Blinds Closed.

Replace your light-colored summer drapes with some heavy, thick curtains, or buy blinds or shades. Your home’s interior temperature can be dramatically decreased by limiting the quantity of sunshine coming in. If you have windows that face the sun during the morning and afternoon, close the drapes or blinds to prevent the sun from entering your home directly. 

Set Up Your Fan

Fans do not assist in cooling the air; instead, they only create a motion in the atmosphere that aids in removing sweat from the body. The blower needs to be mounted as high as you can. The blower must be pointed upward for hot air to leave the room. Place the fans in the top-story windows of your two-story home. Ceiling fans can also be helpful, but be sure they rotate against the clock. 

Nighttime Window Opening

As the temperature drops to tolerable levels at night, there is a tangible sense of relief. Open the windows or ventilators to allow fresh air to take advantage of the cooler weather. 

Before Bed, Take a Cold Bath or Shower

Your body temperature will drop from a cold bath or shower, which will help you stay cooler. According to plumbing repair in Bowling Green experts, a powerful trifecta can be created by drinking water to keep your body as cool as possible.

Sleep in The Cellar

If sleeping somewhere other than your bedroom is an option, do so if you find that you can not sleep through the night due to heat exhaustion. Heat rises, so if your house has a lower level or a basement, consider setting up a temporary sleeping place to enjoy cooler nighttime temperatures. 

2. Take Advantage of Frozen Deserts.

It could temporarily help to consume an ice pop or ice cream to cool yourself. However, limit your sugar intake if you are already overheated or at risk of becoming overheated. Sugar speeds up the metabolism and makes you feel warm inside. Therefore, while the chilly treat may be beneficial, the additional sugar may not.

Summer months are great when you can stay cool in your home. ACs aren’t always available, even though they are our go-to solution under these conditions. You may therefore need to devise a way to stay cool without an air conditioner. Contact Carter Heating and Cooling for plumbing service in Bowling Green. 

9 Tips For Preparing Your Air Conditioning Unit This Fall

Fall is upon us, and you know what that means—it’s time to get your air conditioning unit service in Bowling Green! With temperatures dropping and the season changing, you’ll want to ensure your air conditioning unit is in top shape before the cold weather hits.

The air becomes drier and dustier, which leads to more contaminants in your home. One way to prepare is to ensure your air conditioner is ready for the fall season. Here are nine tips for preparing your air conditioning unit this fall:

9 Tips For Preparing Your Air Conditioning Unit This Fall

Turn Off The A/C When It's Not In Use

Owing to rising power bills and the fact that air conditioners are among the largest energy consumers, you should run your air conditioner as little as possible and turn off the AC unit when not in use to save energy.

Check The Filters Regularly

It is critical to keep an eye out for clogged filters because obstruction of these filters can render the AC unit inefficient. Filters keep dirt and debris out of your system, allowing it to run efficiently. Changing filters before fall is a given.

Schedule An Annual Checkup With A Professional

To avoid system failures, your air conditioning unit should be serviced regularly. Professionals recommend servicing the AC unit in Bowling Green twice a year to ensure proper operation.

Repair Any Problems As Soon As Possible, And Don't Try To DIY

It entails repairing and resolving air conditioner problems caused by frozen coils, wiring issues, and other factors at a low cost. It is always preferable to hire a trained technician to perform the repairs.

Adjust Your Thermostat Setting

Correct temperature control settings provide the ideal balance of comfort and energy savings. Frequent adjustments consume energy, whereas constant temperatures increase efficiency.

Please Turn Off The Air Conditioner When It Rains Or Snows

Although rainwater does not affect the AC unit, flood water can cause a short circuit. A power surge caused by lightning will damage the outdoor compressor and prevent refrigerant from flowing through the system.

Move Furniture Away From The Vents

Putting furniture over a vent is not advised because it prevents proper airflow and forces your HVAC system to work harder to cool or heat your home.

Clean Up Leaves And Debris Around Your AC Unit

Depending on the weather, leaves, dust, and dirt can enter the system and clog it.

Check Vents For Potential Blockages

Congested air ducts in your home will prevent proper airflow, resulting in poor indoor air quality.


At Carter HVAC, our highly trained technicians provide comprehensive air conditioning services in Bowling Green, KY, as well as a maintenance plan for your heating and cooling systems. Please make an appointment with us today.

What Happens If We Don’t Use AC For A Long Time?

It’s no mystery that whenever a gadget is left unused for an extended period, it develops problems, which includes your air conditioner. What happens if the air conditioner isn’t turned on for an extended duration? Will there be any issues with the unit?

There’s nothing wrong with being concerned about the state of your air conditioner. After all, taking care of your appliance ensures that it will work effectively. If it fails to do so, its performance will decline faster than necessary. AC installation in Bowling Green is here to take care of your needs. 

Important Precautions to Take If your AC Doesn't Work for Several Months

The good news is that if you take the following steps when you’re not using your air conditioner, you won’t have any more major issues down the line.

  • Ensure your Air-Conditioner is Clean:

Dirt and grime will always collect on various goods. These undesirable particles may find their way into your appliances through holes and settle on the various parts inside.

The major problem with dust is that it can create a layer and build up over time, interfering with the proper operation of your air conditioner.

  • Stick to the Maintenance Schedule:

The maintenance schedule for your air conditioner considers the time when you won’t be using it. Never assume that the technician didn’t consider this time. You’ll only invite difficulty if you put off maintenance. Sticking to the schedule as strictly as possible will offer you the best chance of getting the most out of this substantial investment.

Maintaining your device is vital to guarantee that everything functions properly. During the maintenance phase, you’ll be able to spot any possible issues that haven’t yet manifested into an ugly and costly reality. It is advised that all homeowners arrange their air conditioning service contracts before switching the AC on.

  • Run the Air-Conditioner on as you Follow a Gap:

Apart from running your new air conditioner fan, as previously mentioned, you also need to know how to turn on your air conditioner after a lengthy period of inactivity. Make sure to run the fan for another 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure you don’t switch on the cooling while doing so.

You may also detect a burning odor, although this is only dirt that has gathered within. This odor will dissipate in 10 to 15 minutes on its own. When all the dust has been burned away and no odors remain, you can turn on the air conditioning and enjoy all of the benefits your AC offers.


Make sure you finish the preventive maintenance before restarting the machine. It lets you detect any potential issue before it becomes a problem.

Bowling Green HVAC Contractors are here to help you solve all services related to HVAC. We provide the best technicians. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! 

What Could Happen if the Air Conditioner Isn’t Installed Correctly?

Suppose you’ve recently purchased a new air conditioner for your home or an office and are waiting for it to be installed. This is worth remembering that the AC installation can go wrong for various reasons, which can cause the system to malfunction. 

You can save money by contacting AC maintenance in Bowling Green to install the unit. These are several indicators that will assist you in identifying the warning signs from your air conditioning system if it isn’t installed properly. 

Selecting The Wrong AC Size

Picking the wrong size air conditioner is one of the most common errors while installing an air conditioner. Failure to identify a suitable size can have significant ramifications, including AC malfunction and energy-saving issues. 

Installing an air conditioner that is big for your home will cause short cycling, whereas installing an air conditioner that is tiny for your home will cause overwork. The AC will suffer undue stress and strain in both instances, eventually leading to its premature downfall. 

Airflow Is Low

Low airflow is a common issue brought on by defective air conditioning systems. Many cooling coils could be seeping into your subfloor or walls if the indoor unit isn’t connected directly to your home’s ducts. These gasses are a waste of both time and money. Inaccurate load calculations can also result in low airflow. You might finish up with an AC system with less or more potential if the technician doesn’t correctly calculate your home’s cooling load.  

AC Began To Produce A Loud Sound

Your air conditioning system’s outdoor compressor should be set on a concrete surface. The pad’s sizes should be large enough to accommodate all four legs of the unit. The pad should be level as well. Every refrigerating cycle will shake, wobble, and vibrate the condenser if it isn’t level. It will become even more unbalanced as a result of this. The shaking may cause excessive damage to mechanical components, detectors, and cables. Loud noises can also be caused by incorrect tightness or inadequate lubrication of the air conditioner’s moving parts. 

Improper Cost Of Refrigeration

When filling a new air conditioning system with refrigerant, expert personnel should refer to the design instructions. Inadequate coolant charging can result in quality and energy troubleshooting. If there’s not enough refrigerant in the system, it won’t be able to cool or remove moisture from your home properly. When there is enough refrigerant in the air conditioner, it generates much more pressure, damaging the compressed air. 

Sensor Issues

A thermostat sensor was placed behind the control panel on room air conditioners and measured the evaporator coil’s air temperature. The air conditioner may cycle continually or act erratically if the detector is smashed out of place. Adjust the sensor’s place by carefully flexing the wire that holds it in a nearby place, the winding but not trying to touch it. 

Bottom Line

While it is critical to install an air conditioner, it is also critical to keep it installed correctly. A new air conditioner does not have to be a surprise expense. If you pay attention to your air conditioner’s performance, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time to replace it. Carter Heating and Cooling is the preferred HVAC company for AC maintenance in Bowling Green or AC repair in Bowling Green. This is a group of skilled staff who have been working for a long time. 

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacement

With summer around the corner, the sun reemerges, and temperatures heat up. You will want to make sure that your air conditioner is prepared to keep you cool. But how would you know if it needs to be replaced? Contact an HVAC specialist near you and get your air conditioner replaced if you see any of these signs. 

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

On average, the air conditioner lasts up to 10 to 15 years. The heating and cooling systems last longer when properly maintained, such as by regularly cleaning their filters and air ducts. 

When to replace the air conditioner depends on when you begin to notice that your air conditioner is working less effectively than before or you see that the temperature is not properly adjusting. You can contact Carter HVAC if you want to get AC service in Bowling Green

Five Signs Your AC Needs Replacement

Not Getting Cold Air

It is obvious, but there is probably something wrong with the air conditioner when there is no cool air. The possibilities are endless, from a low Freon level to a broken compressor. Call a professional, or if you have a warranty, claim it. There is no need to wait. If the repair is extensive, you should replace the air conditioner. 

The Airflow Is Not Excellent

Maybe you are getting cool air throughout the house, but you have noticed that the air conditioner is not pushing air out of the way as it used to. It could be because of many things, including issues with the air conditioner’s compressor or blocked vents. While it is possible to have a professional manage these repairs, you can contact an HVAC specialist near you, but it can be expensive to repair them depending on the age of the system and how damaged it is. When the cost of repairing is high, you might want to consider replacing it. 

Moisture And Leakage Around The Unit

Condensation around the AC is normal, but excessive leakage can cause a bigger problem. If there is a refrigerant leak or if you notice a large puddle of water around your unit, you may have a severe issue that needs to be addressed right away. Leaking coolant can cause health risks to you and your loved ones. Excessive water leakage can damage floors and furniture and lead to mold growth. 

Unusual Sounds

If there is a loud grinding, rattling, banging or squealing sound coming from your air conditioner. turn off your air conditioner system and contact an expert right away. These sounds often reflect severe issues like a belt slipping out of place or broken motor bearings. It can lead to costly repair or needs to be replaced if not addressed immediately.  

The Thermostat Isn’t Working

Occasionally, issues with the air conditioner have less to do with your central cooling unit and more to do with a faulty thermostat. A broken thermostat may not be cooling effectively in a particular area. If the other rooms feel fine and the issue is contained in one zone, it may be worth having an AC service check if the thermostat is at fault. If you are lucky, you need to replace the thermostat instead of the whole air conditioner. 

If you see these signs in your AC and need a service done, contact Carter HVAC or visit our website and make an appointment. We are one of the best AC services in Bowling Green. We have skilled professionals to help you. 

Why Should You Wait 3 Minutes Before Restarting The Air Conditioner?

Many people know that purchasing an air conditioner is one of the most effective ways to beat the summer heat. It is only true if the system has been adequately maintained. We provide AC service in Bowling Green that ensures that the system is in good working order and does not malfunction.

Why Should You Wait Three Minutes Before Restarting Your Air Conditioner?

When an air conditioner is turned on, the compressor creates refrigerant pressure. When the compressor is turned off, whether manually, by power outages, or by fulfilling thermostat demand, it must remain off for at least 3 minutes to enable the pressure in the system to equalize before it can be safely resumed.

This temperature equalization is required since one side is hot (greater pressure) while the other is cool (lower pressure). While the compressor is functioning, the flow of gas (refrigerant) avoids a “jolt or shock,” but when power is lost, both sides heat and cool more, respectively, owing to the lack of refrigerant gas flow. As a result, a restart in less than 2 minutes might harm.

If, Even Then, The System is Not Starting, Check The Following:

1. Examine the thermostat. Is it out of date? Installing a newer, programmable thermostat could help you save money and energy. We also offer AC repair services at Bowling Green.

2. Examine any exposed ductwork for signs of wear, which could be a source of cooling loss or inefficiency in the home.

3. Examine the air vents in your home. Items such as drapes, furniture, and toys obstructing airflow should be removed.

4. Examine the drain line. A drain near the indoor cooling coil is typically located in the basement above the furnace.

You can keep your air unit drain clear throughout the summer by flushing one cup of chlorine bleach down it and rinsing it with a gallon of water. The air conditioner drain lines become clogged when dirt accumulates on the indoor coil.

When the drain line becomes clogged, the water must go somewhere, resulting in a backup of water in the drain pan, which may cause severe water damage to your home. A professional should clean drain lines at least once a year.

6. Inspect circuits to ensure that all electrical connections are turned on.

7. Check that the furnace or air conditioning unit’s power is turned on. After that, inspect the outdoor equipment for overgrowth and wear. Outdoor Recreational Equipment Your system will not function without it.

8. Examine the outdoor condenser. Check for any obstructions in or near the equipment, and clean the area around it. Leaves, vines, and debris can clog interior components and impair performance. The panels are intended to protect the electrical connections.

9. Examine the refrigerant lines visually. Insulation should be installed on the ropes. Proper insulation will increase the system’s efficiency. Insulation and refrigerant lines should be repaired.

10. Examine the outdoor electrical wiring for signs of wear. Contact a professional before using your system if you notice any damage or wear.

11. Recognize when your air conditioner has reached the end of its useful life. Air conditioners have a useful life. Even if you keep your unit well-maintained, it will eventually wear out.

If still the problem persists, please contact us!

Does Sleeping in AC Cause Breathing Problems?

We usually don’t like to spend even an hour without AC during summer. Especially at night, we tend to sleep with the AC On. People are not aware of the harmful effect AC can have on their health if they spend most of their time under the cooling AC.

After AC installation in Bowling Green, we don’t turn our AC off until we are out. AC does have filters and multiple benefits, but as every coin has two sides, AC also has harmful effects. However, these problems have easy solutions, and we don’t have to stop using AC to prevent health issues. We have to be careful about the symptoms and how long to use AC.

Health Problems Due to AC

  • Respiratory problem

A clogged air filter gives rise to bacteria, and the moisture level inside AC also increases. This high moisture level gives birth to fungus and germs. The harmful components later circulate throughout our room.

We will feel the symptoms like coughing, breathing issues, sore throat, etc. Those already who have asthma or any respiratory infections will suffer more. If there is no cross-ventilation in the AC-enclosed room, breathing the stale air will also cause respiratory issues. The worst effect of this can be Hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

  • Infection

With the respiratory system getting weak, we can also have an infection. The rarest and the most dangerous infection due to AC is legionellosis.

When we breathe stale or unfiltered air, we can have digestion-related infections too. Nausea is one of its symptoms.

  • Headaches

Spending more time in an AC-installed room can lead to a headache. When the temperature around us keeps on changing, severe headaches become one of the common problems.

  • Skin related issues

The unfiltered air can lead to irritation in the eyes, itching, and allergies. In addition to this, a dehumidifier absorbs moisture from the air, and absorbs the moisture from our skin and body, leading to dry skin, hair loss, or dehydration.

Ways to Prevent The Harmful Effects of AC

  • If your AC uses water, do not let it stagnant
  • Clean the filters frequently
  • Drain lines must be cleaned
  • Never skip annual maintenance
  • Allow cross-ventilation in the AC room
  • Install a smart thermostat and set the timer at night so that it automatically stops after cooling the room
  • Do not spend the whole day in the AC rooms
  • Whenever you feel an increased humidity level or foul smell, call a technician

Proper AC maintenance will enhance the efficiency of AC filters and air quality. For this reason, you should never avoid the annual servicing of your air conditioning system.

For AC maintenance in Bowling GreenCarter Heating and Cooling service can help you with this. Though we are based in Bowling Green, our services are not limited to this area only.

We serve in Glasgow, Russellville, Franklin, and surrounding areas. We are known for our understanding and cooperative technicians, professionalism, and service quality. Call us now and give us a chance to serve you with our highly efficient services.

Tips To Troubleshoot a Furnace Blowing Cold Air

The furnace is used as a main component of the central heating system. In cold weather, it proves to be a boon for everybody. But if it starts blowing cold air instead of hot air, the whole purpose of the furnace becomes useless. Therefore to avoid the chills of the weather, the furnace needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

There can be several issues behind this malfunctioning, and some of them can easily be solved by anyone. So, here are five basic furnace troubleshooting solutions that you can use to solve the heating problem.

What Should You Do?

  • Check The Thermostat’s Fan Settings

Confirm that the fan settings are set to AUTO and not ON. It will ensure that the blower runs only when the furnace blows hot air, which means that the blower will blow air each second, whether hot or not.

  • Next, Check The Air Filter of The Furnace

If you find the air filter filled with dirt, you need to replace it, as it can clog the airflow, causing overheating. Overheating causes the furnace burners to trip off to prevent the exchanger from cracking.

If you cannot replace it yourself, you can call the professionals for furnace repair, Bowling Green, KY.

  • Check The Pilot Light

Generally, the older furnaces face the issue of the pilot light going out. Try to relight it by finding the pilot light assembly and switching off its reset toggle. First, turn the thermostat from HEAT to OFF and find the pilot light.

Then switch the off button on the reset switch. After waiting for a few minutes, switch the pilot button on the Reset switch. As you press the pilot button, hold a lighter to the pilot until the flame lights. The ON button on the reset switch and turn the furnace on at the thermostat at the last switch.

  • Check The Condensate Line

The condensate line may be clogged if you see water around the furnace. If it is clogged, water stores into the furnace, which causes the switch to shut down. Causes for clogging of the condensate can be various, like dust, dirt, and ice.

You can unclog the condensate line by using pan tablets and installing new tubing. If the clogging is due to ice, you can solve the problem by wrapping the condensate line with heat tape.

  • Check The Furnace Control Panel

The electronic unit of the control panel can have malfunctioned. You can resolve it by switching off the furnace’s power and waiting for a few minutes. Then turn the switch ON.

  • Check For The Leaking Ducts

Leaks in the ducts can cause the heat to escape in the surroundings. Thus, it doesn’t feel warm enough. You can pinpoint these leaks temporarily. Then you can call the technicians for repair.

If you are looking for a heating service at Bowling Green, we at Carter Heating and Cooling are here to help and provide you services and repair. Call us at 2705350689 or drop us a mail here.

Safeguard Your HVAC This Snowstorm

Winter is always a season of festivities and relaxation for the family, But with the advent of snow and happy holidays comes the treacherous snowstorms that often wreak havoc on your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and resources by following these six simple steps.

  • Prevention is Always Better Than Repair

A bit of foresight and careful inspection of your HVAC system can go a long way in reducing the damage to your system while also increasing the lifetime of the components. Be sure to examine your system before and after a snowstorm to ensure its integrity.

  • Warm Up The Pipes

Many people have often found themselves searching for: furnace replacement near me. Often it is due to the freezing up of HVAC pipes during heavy snowstorms; this is solved by defrosting the pipes from time to time.

Some simple steps include using space heaters and hair dryers to warm the frozen pipes, which take just 30-40 minutes and can save you work hours in the future.

  • Clean Vents, Happy Vents

Strong winds bring debris such as leaves, twigs, old newspapers with them; these have a nasty tendency of clogging up vents that keep the air fresh and healthy in your home.

After a snowstorm, be sure to check all your major and minor vents to ensure that it is free of snow, dirt, or any other debris that can block them from getting access to clean air.

  • With Great Generators Comes Great Power

During snowstorms, there is always a risk of power loss. If your locality is at risk of power failure, you might want to consider investing in a generator.

Generators have a longer return-on-investment than most electronic devices; they also provide your HVAC system with the necessary power, thus preventing any damage due to the sudden power loss.

  • Utilize The Technology

With the advent of artificial intelligence, the ‘smartness’ of our devices has risen dramatically over the past few years. With advanced data research and machine learning algorithms, thermostats can identify the different patterns in a household and make intelligent decisions based on past data.

Smart thermostats are easy to use and are very frugal in their energy use. This efficient use of resources ensures that you can save on the electricity bill without sacrificing comfort.

  • Give Your Pipes a Coat

We love to wrap up in a blanket or sweater during the winter months; the same holds for your pipes and wiring. Insulation helps retain heat much better; this has long-term benefits as it will save on energy loss while keeping your pipes and wiring protected from harsh weather conditions. Insulation also helps in improving the longevity of critical components.

Have you ever searched for an HVAC specialist near me? Worry not! Carter Heating & Cooling is there to provide for your needs. Feel free to call or text us at 2705350689 or drop us a mail here. We have the technical know-how to ensure your HVAC system is ready for this winter.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Mold From a Furnace?

Mold is a common problem in many households. While many people think mold can grow only if the house is dirty or unsanitary, it is not so. Mold growth can also happen due to environmental factors (like humidity), natural disasters (like flooding), or poor construction (old walls, poor quality wood, etc.) Mold growth is a common problem, and the first thing to remember is that it may not be your fault!

Once you have noticed mold growth, you should get a remedial service as soon as possible. If you have noticed mold growth in your HVAC system, you should isolate the system before calling the remedial service. Many contractors who provide furnace repair in Bowling Green, KY, will be able to help you with the service. Mold removal from a furnace costs between $700 to $6,000. The price of mold removal depends on various factors. Given below are the factors that affect the quotation we provide you.

Factors That Affect Pricing

1. The Unit’s Age:

The furnace’s age is the first thing a contractor considers when encountering mold growth. Older units are more susceptible to mold damage than newer ones. The reason is simple: newer technology is built while keeping these factors in mind. Furthermore, newer units can be repaired easily as compared to the older ones.

2. The Unit’s Make and Model

Contractors who provide heating services in Bowling Green usually consider the make and model because many diverse options are currently in use. Not each model and unit is easy to repair and clean. Therefore, units with complex designs that require contractors to remove more parts usually have higher quotations than those with simpler designs.

3. The Unit’s Use and Condition

All contractors who provide furnace repair in Bowling Green, KY, advocate regular maintenance and use of all HVAC systems in your home. The reason is simple: when your unit is kept in good condition, you are (a) more likely to notice a problem before it compounds, and (b) it is less likely to have mold growth.

However, if your unit hasn’t been maintained according to manufacturer guidelines or if you’ve skipped the bi-annual maintenance requirements, the contractor will have to remove mold and maintain the unit, which increases the charge.

4. The Extent of Growth

The extent of growth also makes a significant difference. Your furnace is connected to the ventilation ducts connected to all other HVAC units in your home. If the mold growth is not spotted in its initial stage, it will have spread to these other parts of your home. For the best results, these units will also need to be cleaned. This increases the price or quotation provided to you.

How Long Should You Wait to Call a Contractor?

We recommend not waiting at all. Once you’ve spotted mold growth, call your contractor immediately to get a remedial service. If you don’t have a contractor, you can call us instead. We provide excellent heating services in Bowling Green and will help you out any time you need. You can start booking your appointment by calling us on (270) 282-1183.