A severe cold spell raises the chances of your pipes freezing or breaking. Melting water within the pipes condenses into ice, which may expand and clog the line. This obstruction will raise the pressure in the system and induce pipe collapses in susceptible regions, regardless of whether the pipe is of plastic, copper, or steel. You must contact a trusted Plumbing service in Bowling Green, as soon as you discover a change in water pressure.

Never use an open flame instrument or device, such as a blowtorch, propane, or kerosene heater, to unfreeze a frozen pipe. The combination of below-freezing temperatures and a lack of water circulation may cause any pipe to freeze and even break.

Frozen Pipes’ consequences

  • Frozen water pipes may create big breaches and disasters if they go undiscovered.
  • A single burst pipe may result in a building losing 4-8 gallons of water every minute; even a little leak might spill more than 250 gallons of water in a single day, costing thousands of dollars to fix.
  • Taking the necessary precautions is essential to protect your pipes in order to avoid such damage.
  • This may significantly raise your water bill, harm your plants, and make matters worse if the ice gets into the gap.

Take assistance from the best plumbing service in Bowling Green to help reduce the risk of frozen pipes, prevent disturbance and expensive repairs.

Ways To Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Insulate your exterior pipes to prevent the water from solidifying due to the cold.
  • Allow small amounts of water to continuously flow through your faucets to keep the water moving.
  • Allow warm air to heat your pipes by opening cabinet doors under sinks.
  • Doors to the attic, basement, and other areas should be sealed.
  • Insulate cold-sensitive water storage units inside and outside your home.
  • Remove and store your outdoor hoses to keep them in good working order.

If you suspect that you have frozen pipes, go to the internet and look for a reliable

Some Tips to Thaw Frozen Pipes

While frozen pipes can cause various problems, pinpointing the exact location of the freeze can be difficult for an amateur. The majority of pipes behind building walls are difficult to reach. Outside pipelines, on the other hand, maybe easier to diagnose and treat. If you discover a frozen pipe, there are a few options for resuming water flow before going for professional help like Plumbing service in Bowling Green

  • To thaw a frozen pipe, apply heat.
  • This can be achieved by using a space heater, a hairdryer, or the application of warm towels or a heating pad.
  • While you’re warming the pipes, keep the faucet running. The ice will thaw and trickle out as a result.
  • Keep applying heat to the pipes until your water pressure returns.

The best course of action? Make an appointment with a licensed plumber you can rely on. We at Carter Heating and Cooling know the best cures and preventive steps to avoid the harm that frozen pipes may cause. We realize how critical it is to keep your plumbing running smoothly, particularly during the busy winter months.

Even if you close your business for the winter, frozen pipes may create severe problems in the spring, causing bursts, floods, and significant damage. To keep those pipes running even in harsh winters, visit http://www.carter-hvac.com/!