Short cycling occurs when your heater is turned off before it completes its full heating cycle. Your HVAC expert will use the language; therefore, you must understand it. Short cycling occurs when your furnace overheats. Allow it to cool before attempting to restart it.

Although pressing the reset button should restart your furnace, fuel may not start flowing until you complete a different step. Of course, the only fuel used by an electric furnace is electricity, but to be cautious, turn it off before restarting it.

Resetting A Furnace After It Overheats

When a furnace is overheated, the reset button pulls out, and you must press it back in to restart the furnace, but there is a certain protocol to follow. The following are the steps for resetting an electric, gas, or oil furnace –

1. Restarting An Electric Furnace With A Reset Button

If the furnace doesn’t have a power button, turn off the circuit breaker that controls it, open the blower housing, and find the reset button on the side of the blower motor. Press it in until it clicks, then turn on the breaker to reestablish electricity to the furnace. When the furnace gets a signal from the thermostat, it should automatically start.

2.Restarting A Gas Furnace With A Reset Button

  • Check that the pilot light is turned off. If it isn’t, flip the gas control switch to “off” and ensure the pilot light is turned off.
  • Reduce the thermostat temperature as much down as you can
  • Switch off the furnace’s electricity supply by flipping the breaker in the circuit box if the furnace is equipped with electrical ignition.
  • Cut off the furnace’s main gas supply while keeping the pilot gas supply line turned on.
  • Hold a lit match to the pilot flame jet’s aperture to relight the pilot light.
  • Reset the circuit breaker, and then reactivate the main gas supply.
  • Hold down the reset button for roughly 30 seconds while increasing the temperature on the thermostat.

3. Restarting An Oil Furnace With A Reset Button

  • Before resetting an oil furnace, determine the cause of the cutoff. If you run out of oil, you will first need to fill the tank and bleed the fuel line.
  • Locate the bleeder valve. It’s a tiny black box beside the burner with fuel lines going into it in the latter instance.
  • Install a large container to capture at least 1 quart of fuel beneath the valve, or connect tubing from the fuel pump to a 1-quart plastic bottle.

It is a rare homeowner who can manage furnace repair and maintenance without expert assistance — therefore, do not try to DIY to avoid harm. Making the wrong move when flammable and volatile fuels are available, and doing electrical repairs when you are unfamiliar with the necessary procedures, can have catastrophic implications. When you have issues with your heating system and do not feel secure enough to perform the repairs yourself, do not be afraid to ask for help.

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