Landon Carter replaced my failing old heat pump with a much-needed better system. At the time he was giving me a free quote, he explain to me why my old unit had been failing all these years. Landon was very patient and professional at explaining to me what I needed to improve my air flow , and not have any more problems in the future. Landon gave me a detailed quote with the description of every update he was going to do with the new unit. At the time my old unit was installed there was no inspections to make sure it was to code. Landon said he would make everything right and bring it all up to code. The quote I received from Landon was by far the best for what I was getting done. Plus I got a 10 year warranty and a rebate to boot. The whole job was installed in a timely and professional manner. Everything was cleaned up after the installation. Landon even help me with the warranty and the rebate paperwork. It was a pleasant experience for me! I’m glad I called Carter Heating and Cooling.