The demand for air conditioners is high during the summer season, but people neglect to care about the appliance and often pay expensive bills. If your air conditioner is frail, healthy, and running at its optimal level, it is crucial to avoid certain things. The following are five simple things to know for your AC running smoothly, all season long.

1. Incorrect size of air conditioner

When you purchase an air conditioner, always pick them as per the size of your room. This one parameter is usually avoided by many which leads to malfunctioning in an air conditioner.

Disadvantages of purchasing a large air conditioner

  • It consumes more energy resulting in high utility bills.
  • The temperature changes lead to multiple changes in an air conditioner impacting its efficiency.

Disadvantages of purchasing a small air conditioner

  • It needs more time to cool the room.
  • The unnecessary burden on the condenser will impact the efficiency of the condenser.

Thus, an appropriate size air conditioner will give you the best returns on the price you have paid.

2. Untimely maintenance and replacement of air filters

The best way to keep the air conditioner in check is to keep it clean and well maintained. You should never skip routine checkups and maintenance of air filters to avoid expensive affairs. If your air filter gets clogged with dirt and dust, it will obstruct the airflow and impact indoor air quality.

Depending upon the air filter type, you must consider replacing them every 30-90 days. You cannot expect them to run efficiently throughout the season without replacing them. If you are experiencing any issues with your air filter, our team for AC repair in Bowling Green will help you resolve all the problems.

3. Air conditioner usage

Overuse and underuse of air conditioners both impact its efficiency. If your air conditioner is running all the time, it will lead to high energy consumption and utility bills.

Under usage of air conditioners leads to the development of mold inside the unit that affects the functioning of the air conditioner and impacts its good health.

4. Incorrect thermostat settings

You should regulate the thermostat setting as per the temperature of the room. The lower efficiency of the air conditioner is due to lower thermostat settings.

When the thermostat setting is low, it creates a heavy load on the air conditioner unit and the system skips the temperature you had set leading to more power wastage.

5. Unclean outdoor unit

The outdoor condenser unit often gets accumulated with dust particles that obstruct the airflow. Always keep the outdoor unit in a shadowy place to avoid the settling of dust particles. If the outdoor unit is left uncovered during winters, it leads to insufficient airflow and inadequate airflow is the root cause of many AC problems.

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