Heater and Furnace Service in Bowling Green, Franklin, Glasgow, KY and Surrounding Areas

Heating Service In Bowling Green, KY Preventive maintenance and professional inspections are important aspects of the operation of your gas furnace.  While evaluating your gas furnace, we may uncover small cracks, leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wires or corroded electrical contacts that can lead to furnace failure. While there are a variety of reasons and potential fixes that can increase your energy efficiency, our professional HVAC technician may reveal that the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of your gas furnace may be the primary cause of these excessive costs. A dependable, efficient heating system is essential for the comfort of any house. Heating is possibly the most vital aspect of staying warm and comfortable, particularly during the winter. If your heater has been causing issues for many months, it is wise to replace it. Consider opting for heating service in Bowling Green, KY, to keep your home at a pleasant temperature throughout winter. If you need heating repair in Bowling Green, KY, or if you suspect your heating system needs a tune-up, call Carter Heating & Cooling. Our technicians will provide you with the best advice on the appropriate service for your scenario as well as a functional unit.

Who Are We?

Carter Heating & Cooling is a heating and cooling business formed by skilled specialists. We have quickly established ourselves as a popular alternative for inhabitants of the Bowling Green and nearby surroundings. We strive to deliver the most effective HVAC repairs, maintenance, and associated services to guarantee your safety and comfort. The best thing about our services is that they are reasonably priced without sacrificing the quality of our work. We provide the highest quality service, whether it’s a heating service in Bowling Green or a complete system replacement.

Our Products and Services

We now provide services to all residential, light commercial, and newly developed locations in Bowling Green and the surrounding areas. We provide a comprehensive variety of heating services, from heat pumps to furnaces, to provide a pleasant and comfortable winter. Our heating services include the following:
  • Service of Heating
  • Repairing Your Heating System
  • Installation of Heating
  • Replacement of the Heating System
  • Maintenance of the Heating System
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of the Heating System
Air conditioning, ductless, indoor air quality, and appliance maintenance are also available.  Why should you select us? Because of the following reasons, we are our clients’ first option for HVAC repairs and maintenance.
  • Technicians with extensive experience
Our specialists are highly trained and experienced in dealing with your expensive HVAC systems. We provide prompt furnace service in Bowling Green, KY, and home appliance repair.
  • Services delivered quickly
Nobody likes waiting for hours after a probable gas leak in the furnace! Fortunately, we have a reputation for providing prompt service across the region.
  • Cost-effective services
We serve our customers as if they were family, and we respect their budgetary constraints. As a consequence, we assist you in saving a significant amount of money by delivering high-quality services at a reasonable cost.
  • There are no hidden fees
We never hide our rates under the guise of hidden expenditures or extra charges. Our charges are always upfront and entirely transparent, regardless of the kind or size of the repair.
  • Service is provided every time
Is your furnace blowing cold air unexpectedly in the middle of the night? Don’t worry; we’ll have everything in order in no time. We are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week on our 24-hour hotline!

Discounts Are Available

Don’t forget to take advantage of our exclusive discounts for emergency workers, police enforcement, active military, and older people! In addition, we are giving a $25 discount for air conditioning and furnace service in Bowling Green, KY. Also, our emergency hotline, (270) 282-1183, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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