While it’s hot outside, your air conditioner is covered in a substantial layer of ice. Keeping your air conditioning unit on ice can prevent it from cooling your home adequately and cause considerable harm and may require AC repair in Bowling Green.

Signs Of An Iced-Up Air Conditioner

It could be a concern if your air conditioning system is iced over. You want to get that fixed by our AC service in Bowling Green as soon as possible, whether due to clogged vents or insufficient coolant. Continue reading to learn more about the warning signals that your system is frozen.

  • Airflow is Weak or Reduced

The evaporator coil may freeze up if the device has little or inadequate airflow. The coolant is running via the coils inside the appliance. The blower draws air from your house over the coils to cool the unit.

Since there is no airflow over the freezing coil, there is no heat to absorb, and the coil begins to frost. When it occurs, the air does not pass readily over the coils. Your home gets less ventilation as a result.

  • Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant is the main cause of a frozen coil. The pressure decreases when the refrigerant level is low, which lowers the coil’s temperature more than usual. All the moisture in the air gathers on the coil and freezes as it comes into contact with it.

A leak may be the source of your unit’s low refrigerant levels. When you call our professional for AC repair in Bowling Green, there are two potential outcomes. One is that they locate the leak and promptly fix it. The coils must be changed if the leak cannot be located or fixed. The cost of replacing the coils in your unit is high.

  • Removal and Prevention of Ice Build-Up

You may take a few actions as soon as possible to rule out several frequent problems that can obstruct airflow from entering your unit.

  1. Turn off your air conditioner first and give it some time to thaw. It might take a while. 
  2. You can examine your air filter to determine if it is dusty while waiting to thaw. Then proceed to all of your home’s supply vents and open them. Keeping them closed might be the root of the AC’s ice problem.
  3. If the air filter is clear of obstructions, have your HVAC professional inspect the blower-fan motor quickly. Your expert will ensure that the motor is operating properly and will address any problems preventing it from doing so, such as overheating brought on by the build-up of dust and debris, blown relays, or wiring problems.
  4. Lastly, you should ask our AC service in Bowling Green specialist to examine the main exchanger and condenser coils and the refrigerant levels.  

To Conclude

When there is a mechanical issue with HVAC equipment, the system has to work harder to provide optimal performance. This method wastes energy while also stressing the machinery. This additional stress gradually reduces the system’s lifespan.

Your air conditioner may have low refrigerant levels or poor ventilation if it has iced over. Call Carter Heating And Cooling to schedule an appointment to get the ice on your air conditioner taken care of and get your unit running at optimally!