Hiring a professional to clean your drains can be costly, even though it is an essential part of home maintenance. If your home’s main drain is clogged, you may be debating whether to invest in a drain snake. Drain snaking is often less expensive than other methods. However, the final price depends upon several factors, one of which is the plumber you select.

Cleaning the drains in your home is an important part of keeping your plumbing in good working order. You can try using a drain cleaner or a snake for minor obstructions. The expertise of a professional is usually necessary to remove more stubborn blockages. If the clog has spread from your toilet or bathtub to the main line, the plumbing service in Bowling Green can remove it. 

1. What is Snaking a Drain?

A plumbing snake is a long, bendable section of metal tubing. There is a corkscrew-like projection on the end of this pipe that you can use to unclog it if it becomes clogged with something like a clump of hair or a buildup of food scraps and grease.

If you twist and push the snake against the clog, it will break up into smaller pieces that eventually drain away, clearing your drain. Once the snake locates the blockage, it will immediately begin dismantling it to restore normal water flow. You can remove most clogs with a snake, and the entire process usually only takes a few minutes. 

2. How Much Does Drain-Snaking Cost?

Snaking the main drain can be more expensive than snaking a secondary drain. Depending on the clog’s severity and the snake’s length required to clear, the cost of drain snaking can range from about $350 to $500 or more.

In extreme cases, you may require hydro-jetting services to remove the obstruction from the pipe. The price to snake the main drain can increase due to factors like the drain’s severity, source of the blockage, location, and any unexpected damage. 

3. Choosing The Best Plumbers

There are many good reasons to have a professional plumber take care of your plumbing issues instead of trying to do it yourself, including the risk you’re taking. Cleaning a drain is an unpleasant task. You should hire a professional if you don’t want to touch grime, grease, hair, and many other obstructions.

Experts in plumbing are conditioned to complete their tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The time it takes to rent the necessary equipment and other materials to clear the drain on your own may exceed the cost of hiring a plumber. Unless it’s an emergency, calling around for multiple quotes is the best way to find a reliable plumber. 

Hire Our Experts.

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