An air conditioner’s filter is very susceptible to dust and debris. The primary goal of an air filter is to accumulate dirt and reduce the flow of contaminants within a room. Cleaning these filters is one of the responsibilities of any homeowner. How often should air filters be cleaned or replaced? Where can you get AC repair in Bowling Green?

How Do Air Conditioners’ Air Filters Become Dirty?

Dirty air filters are a threat to an air conditioner’s longevity. But what exactly causes them to become dirty? Here are the top 4 reasons that can cause an air conditioner’s filters to become clogged –

1. Inch pleated air filter

These filters are small in size and are more prone to catch airborne contaminants. As a result, they get dirty faster than thicker filters. Getting thick filters can reduce the number of times it has to be replaced or cleaned while also improving the efficiency of an air conditioner.

2. Fan setting

When the fan setting on the thermostat is set to “ON,” the internal blower will run continuously. As a result, the filters continuously capture airborne contaminants making them dirty faster. Set your thermostat fan to “auto” to eliminate this problem.

3. Leaky air ducts

Leaky air ducts contribute to 20-30 percent of air loss in households. Leaky ducts make an air conditioner work for longer hours to generate cold air. The consequence of long-running hours for an air conditioner is excess energy bills and dirty air filters. A professional from AC repair in Bowling Green can fix this issue by sealing all the ducts.

4. Furry pets

Air filters tend to catch and accumulate all sorts of dust. However, for house owners with pets, the air filters tend to get clogged more often. Replacing or cleaning these air conditioners can significantly increase the airflow within a room.

What Problems do Dirty Air Filters Cause?

1. Allergies

The flow of dirty air can only cause health issues and dust allergies. Allergens accumulate inside the unit and eventually loosen and blow into the air you breathe.

2. Energy bills

Air conditioners that have dirty air filters work for longer durations than they should. As a result, the energy consumption of an air conditioner increases, and the energy bills experience a hike.

3.Short cycling

Dirty air filters cause an air conditioner to turn on and off continuously. This is known as short cycling. A consequence of short cycling is excessive power consumption.

4. System Damage

Neglecting cleaning processes for an air conditioner can deteriorate the condition of an air conditioner. Regular cleaning of an air conditioner can increase longevity.

How much cleaning is enough for my air filters?

  • Normal 1-inch to 3-inch filters must be replaced every 30-60 days.
  • Filters must be changed every 60 days for house owners with pets.
  • Filters may only need to be changed once every 6-12 months in a household without pets.
  • Filters must be changed every 20-45 days in homes with many pets.

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