Have you ever replaced your toilet? Do you wonder what the lifespan of a toilet is? When should you replace a toilet? We are here to guide you through it all! 

Everything has an end date. So does your toilet. Toilets are indeed long-lasting. But the average lifespan of a toilet is about 25 years. We have all called the plumber to the house to fix one part or another, whether it is a toilet or not. But have you ever considered getting your toilet replaced?

Here Are Some Signs That Will Help You Determine The Right Time For Replacing Your Toilet – 

  1. Clogging
    Old toilets often tend to clog a lot. The reason that this happens could either be because of flushing waste that does not go down the drains or even because of dirty pipes. Minerals deposited in and around the pipes harden up over time and block the direction of flow, leading to clogging. The best way to overcome this situation is by replacing your drain pipes and toilet. 
  2. Crack And Leaks
    The consequences of a cracked toilet or pipes could mean excessive flooding around your toilet base or extreme water wastage. Either way, both problems have to be overcome. What if you slip and fall? The best option instead of getting your toilet fixed frequently would be to replace it altogether. Replacing a toilet can automatically reduce the amount of money you spend on it. 
  3. Fixing it Often
    Have you been calling in a plumber too often these days? Well, then it’s time to replace your toilet. It is better to replace your toilet once than giving it multiple repairs. Multiple repairs only mean spending too much money. Consider replacing your toilet completely instead of calling the plumber too much. 
  4. Flush Issues
    Does your flush keep running? A flush like this is often a consequence of unsealed flapper valves. You might think that replacing the flapper will solve your problems, but a running toilet wastes too much water, which is already a problem because of your water bills. Repairing a toilet too frequently just adds up to it. 
  5. Wobbly Toilet
    A toilet that wobbles can be very discomforting. It could be due to loose screws and fittings. It is time to get your toilet replaced if it wobbles too much. Replace it with a better version that is comfortable for you. 
  6. Round Toilet
    A round toilet is an outdated model. Apart from that, it causes inconvenience. Get your toilet replaced with a modern elongated version. It can increase comfort levels. It also reduces the amount of bad odor that escapes through it. 

Not many of us consider replacing a toilet, but it is important to know ways to reduce your costs when there’s too much money going into fixing them. If you are looking for plumbing repair services in Bowling Green, then you have found the right ones!

We at Carter Heating and Cooling provide plumbing services in Bowling Green. We take it as our responsibility to give you the best services. Get your toilet installed now!