The days are getting shorter, while the nights only grow longer. Winter has arrived! With the rapidly dropping temperature, the need for a fully-functioning furnace has become more evident. Close your eyes and imagine you and your family spending a cozy night in without a care for the chilling cold, and then, suddenly, your thermostat stops working. What could possibly be worse than that?

You and your thermostat are supposed to be best friends during winter. It’s supposed to have your back. So, you must keep an eye out and ensure it is functioning properly.

Signs Telling Your Thermostat Needs to be Replaced

Here are a few tell-tale signs that your thermostat needs to be replaced:

1. Your HVAC Unit Randomly Turns On or Off

The primary role of a thermostat is to communicate with your HVAC unit. How is an HVAC unit supposed to function if it does not know when to increase and decrease the temperature as commanded.

A good analogy to understand the working of this system is: your HVAC system is the brain, and your thermostat is the neuron that transmits information to the brain. Without the neurons, the brain would be clueless and would not know what to do. Similarly, without the thermostat, an HVAC system would fail to function. Contact an HVAC specialist near me to learn more.

2. Malfunctioning Sensor

If it ever occurs to you that the temperature your thermostat is reading might be incorrect, this could be a reason for concern. Having an accurate reader in your thermostat is necessary to ensure that your house doesn’t get too unreasonably hot or cold. It is a measure of control, and a lack of control can lead to chaos.

To verify your suspicions, you can invest in a portable indoor thermometer. If it turns out that your thermostat’s readings are indeed wrong, it’s time to invest in a new thermostat. Look into the furnace replacement near me.

3. High Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bill is going up every month despite using the same amount of electricity, this could point to an inefficient HVAC unit. And many times, the culprit is the thermostat.

As mentioned in the previous point, an inaccurate thermostat reader can lead to no good. It can cause your machine to overwork and thus, use more electricity than necessary. An HVAC specialist near me can put your doubts to ease.

4. Past its Prime

The most common reason for a thermostat to stop working is that it’s too old and rusty. HVAC systems start deteriorating once they go past the decade-mark. The machines grow tired and weaker from years and years of working, and there comes the point of no return. It’s best to accept when it’s time has come and move on to a better, newer option. Furnace replacement near me is the best route to take.

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