Winter is always a season of festivities and relaxation for the family, But with the advent of snow and happy holidays comes the treacherous snowstorms that often wreak havoc on your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and resources by following these six simple steps.

  • Prevention is Always Better Than Repair

A bit of foresight and careful inspection of your HVAC system can go a long way in reducing the damage to your system while also increasing the lifetime of the components. Be sure to examine your system before and after a snowstorm to ensure its integrity.

  • Warm Up The Pipes

Many people have often found themselves searching for: furnace replacement near me. Often it is due to the freezing up of HVAC pipes during heavy snowstorms; this is solved by defrosting the pipes from time to time.

Some simple steps include using space heaters and hair dryers to warm the frozen pipes, which take just 30-40 minutes and can save you work hours in the future.

  • Clean Vents, Happy Vents

Strong winds bring debris such as leaves, twigs, old newspapers with them; these have a nasty tendency of clogging up vents that keep the air fresh and healthy in your home.

After a snowstorm, be sure to check all your major and minor vents to ensure that it is free of snow, dirt, or any other debris that can block them from getting access to clean air.

  • With Great Generators Comes Great Power

During snowstorms, there is always a risk of power loss. If your locality is at risk of power failure, you might want to consider investing in a generator.

Generators have a longer return-on-investment than most electronic devices; they also provide your HVAC system with the necessary power, thus preventing any damage due to the sudden power loss.

  • Utilize The Technology

With the advent of artificial intelligence, the ‘smartness’ of our devices has risen dramatically over the past few years. With advanced data research and machine learning algorithms, thermostats can identify the different patterns in a household and make intelligent decisions based on past data.

Smart thermostats are easy to use and are very frugal in their energy use. This efficient use of resources ensures that you can save on the electricity bill without sacrificing comfort.

  • Give Your Pipes a Coat

We love to wrap up in a blanket or sweater during the winter months; the same holds for your pipes and wiring. Insulation helps retain heat much better; this has long-term benefits as it will save on energy loss while keeping your pipes and wiring protected from harsh weather conditions. Insulation also helps in improving the longevity of critical components.

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