It’s no mystery that whenever a gadget is left unused for an extended period, it develops problems, which includes your air conditioner. What happens if the air conditioner isn’t turned on for an extended duration? Will there be any issues with the unit?

There’s nothing wrong with being concerned about the state of your air conditioner. After all, taking care of your appliance ensures that it will work effectively. If it fails to do so, its performance will decline faster than necessary. AC installation in Bowling Green is here to take care of your needs. 

Important Precautions to Take If your AC Doesn't Work for Several Months

The good news is that if you take the following steps when you’re not using your air conditioner, you won’t have any more major issues down the line.

  • Ensure your Air-Conditioner is Clean:

Dirt and grime will always collect on various goods. These undesirable particles may find their way into your appliances through holes and settle on the various parts inside.

The major problem with dust is that it can create a layer and build up over time, interfering with the proper operation of your air conditioner.

  • Stick to the Maintenance Schedule:

The maintenance schedule for your air conditioner considers the time when you won’t be using it. Never assume that the technician didn’t consider this time. You’ll only invite difficulty if you put off maintenance. Sticking to the schedule as strictly as possible will offer you the best chance of getting the most out of this substantial investment.

Maintaining your device is vital to guarantee that everything functions properly. During the maintenance phase, you’ll be able to spot any possible issues that haven’t yet manifested into an ugly and costly reality. It is advised that all homeowners arrange their air conditioning service contracts before switching the AC on.

  • Run the Air-Conditioner on as you Follow a Gap:

Apart from running your new air conditioner fan, as previously mentioned, you also need to know how to turn on your air conditioner after a lengthy period of inactivity. Make sure to run the fan for another 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure you don’t switch on the cooling while doing so.

You may also detect a burning odor, although this is only dirt that has gathered within. This odor will dissipate in 10 to 15 minutes on its own. When all the dust has been burned away and no odors remain, you can turn on the air conditioning and enjoy all of the benefits your AC offers.


Make sure you finish the preventive maintenance before restarting the machine. It lets you detect any potential issue before it becomes a problem.

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