We usually don’t like to spend even an hour without AC during summer. Especially at night, we tend to sleep with the AC On. People are not aware of the harmful effect AC can have on their health if they spend most of their time under the cooling AC.

After AC installation in Bowling Green, we don’t turn our AC off until we are out. AC does have filters and multiple benefits, but as every coin has two sides, AC also has harmful effects. However, these problems have easy solutions, and we don’t have to stop using AC to prevent health issues. We have to be careful about the symptoms and how long to use AC.

Health Problems Due to AC

  • Respiratory problem

A clogged air filter gives rise to bacteria, and the moisture level inside AC also increases. This high moisture level gives birth to fungus and germs. The harmful components later circulate throughout our room.

We will feel the symptoms like coughing, breathing issues, sore throat, etc. Those already who have asthma or any respiratory infections will suffer more. If there is no cross-ventilation in the AC-enclosed room, breathing the stale air will also cause respiratory issues. The worst effect of this can be Hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

  • Infection

With the respiratory system getting weak, we can also have an infection. The rarest and the most dangerous infection due to AC is legionellosis.

When we breathe stale or unfiltered air, we can have digestion-related infections too. Nausea is one of its symptoms.

  • Headaches

Spending more time in an AC-installed room can lead to a headache. When the temperature around us keeps on changing, severe headaches become one of the common problems.

  • Skin related issues

The unfiltered air can lead to irritation in the eyes, itching, and allergies. In addition to this, a dehumidifier absorbs moisture from the air, and absorbs the moisture from our skin and body, leading to dry skin, hair loss, or dehydration.

Ways to Prevent The Harmful Effects of AC

  • If your AC uses water, do not let it stagnant
  • Clean the filters frequently
  • Drain lines must be cleaned
  • Never skip annual maintenance
  • Allow cross-ventilation in the AC room
  • Install a smart thermostat and set the timer at night so that it automatically stops after cooling the room
  • Do not spend the whole day in the AC rooms
  • Whenever you feel an increased humidity level or foul smell, call a technician

Proper AC maintenance will enhance the efficiency of AC filters and air quality. For this reason, you should never avoid the annual servicing of your air conditioning system.

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